Shin Tokyo Dental Technician School

Transform “making things” into a career in the medical workplace.

With 34 years of successful results, our school boasts the largest number of successful national examination candidates in East Japan. Shin Tokyo Dental Technician School offers thorough foundation studies and workplace practical training unsurpassed in terms of quantity and quality, and students can master the true skills that will enable them to work on the front lines of the dental technician industry. Students can choose from different paths in addition to employment, such as continuing their studies in Japan or overseas to develop further their skills as dental technicians. Our school actively provides post-graduation support including overseas continuing studies, opening an independent business, or professional development. With approximately 3000 members, our alumni association also provides powerful back up for graduates.

1-18-2 Omori Kita, Ota-ku, Tokyo-to, 143-0016, Japan
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Dental Technician Department Group I (Daytime 2-Year Program)

Practical Professional Training Course with Industry

Our program devotes 70% of all class time to practical training so that students can acquire the skills to work as dental technicians. Students learn the fundamentals in the first year and then develop applied skills they can put to use in the clinical workplace. We analyze individual measures in test preparation classes and provide support for each individual student. Students can also study at home over the Internet using the e-Learning system. Moreover, students receive a syllabus which shows the study plan for the year in advance. Employing a syllabus which details the points for each lesson is very useful for preparing for national examinations.

Dental Technician Department Group II (Evening 3-Year Program)

Our school has created a curriculum which enables students to study for 3 years without overextending themselves while they work. We have devoted 70% of all lessons to practical studies to ensure students master the skills and knowledge for dental technicians. Moreover, through the intern support system students can work part-time at dental appliance manufacturers and learn about the actual job itself. Student can earn money while they build their skills and can also secure full-time employment as well. Our students come from many different age groups and backgrounds prior. Some were irregular part-time workers or university students while other were already employed, perhaps working as specialists.

Photo Report

New Campus Completed in October 2014!

Students can visualize the dental appliance manufacturing workplace while at school in the 1st floor dental laboratory.
Students can create their own vision of the future.

Student can create a career plan detailing what sort of dental technician then want to become in the Introduction to Dental Appliance Laboratory Management course. The lifelong support students receive through classes they attend at school and the alumni association is very helpful in the careers of graduates.